Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a contract involved in the charges?
    Yes, there is a lodging agreement involved with the charges. The lodging manager will review this with you if you are accepted as a lodger.

  2. Do I have to be an MIT student?
    During the school year, MIT requires that everyone living here be registered as an MIT undergraduate or graduate student. We require proof of eligibility prior to moving in. During the summer months (June - August), we admit other current university students in the area.

  3. How do I become a lodger?
    You need to meet with the current lodging manager, Tommy Heng, see the facilities, and be approved by him. You can contact him at info@353massave.com.

  4. I've had a tour and I'm ready to reserve a room, now what do I do?
    Send the Lodging Manager an email as soon as possible indicating your interest. State whether you will personally drop off the paperwork or if you will mail it and when he should expect its arrival. Under very specific circumstances, you can also email a scanned lodging agreement that you've signed after approval by the manager. Regardless of your delivery method, please check room availability beforehand in the unfortunate event that your desired room is no longer available. Please keep in mind that we work on a first come first serve basis.

  5. Can I extend my lodging agreement?
    Yes, you may extend your lodging agreement, but keep in mind that we assume boarders do not wish to extend their agreement and are going to leave on their move-out date. As such, it is up to the lodger to notify the manager that they wish to extend their agreement. This must be done at least a month and a half prior to your stated move-out date as this is when other potential lodgers begin to inquire about housing. We reserve rooms on a first come first serve basis.

  6. Are there any payments I need to make before I move in?
    Yes, we require a check or money order equal to the first month's lodging fee and deposit before you can reserve a room. The deposit is the same amount as the first month's lodging fee. The deposit is a charge to your account. The deposit is returned in the form of a check after you have moved out. The initial payment will be given to the Manager. All subsequent payments can be made online or mailed.

  7. How often is the website updated?
    The website is updated daily. All information is current. Please check the website frequently as it is up to potential boarders to keep up to date on room availability as the Manager will assume you are doing so during email or phone discussions.

  8. I've scheduled a tour of the building, where should I go, is there anything further I should do? Do I have to bring anything?
    If you've scheduled a tour with James, please meet him at the entrance to 353 Mass. Ave. and give him a call when you arrive. Please bring an ID to prove your lodging eligibility as well as a list of rooms you'd like to view. Please read the entire list of FAQs beforehand. You may also want to check the room availability again for the rooms you wish to view as some of the rooms may become unavailable between the time you schedule a tour and a tour is given.

  9. What are the rooms like?
    The rooms are all single rooms with individual locks. There are pictures & prices below. A twin-size bed frame, dresser, desk, and bookshelf are provided with each room. Any or all of that furniture can be removed if you have your own furniture.

  10. What are the monthly lodging costs?
    Rooms in the building are at the $875, $975, $1,075, and $1,350 per month price points (larger rooms are more expensive); check the "Rooms" tab above for a complete list of which rooms are currently available.

  11. Can you provide more photos of the rooms?
    No. However, the rooms from one floor are identical to rooms on the above floor e.g. 4A is identical to 5A except for the color of the walls. Talk to Pawan if you would like to schedule a tour.

  12. What are the shared facilities?
    The 13 lodgers share four single bathrooms, a lounge with both tables/chairs and a couch/TV, a kitchen including two fridges, garbage disposal and oven/stovetop/microwave/dishwasher, and a free washer & dryer.

  13. Is there a computer/printer room?
    No, we do not provide access to computers or printers.

  14. Are all of the rooms available strictly single occupancy with the exception of the suites?
    No, the rooms are not strictly single-occupancy. However, we only provide a single twin-size bed in each room and the overall building does have a maximum occupancy limit.

  15. Are there additional costs aside from the prices listed below?
    Electricity, water, heat, internet access, washers, and dryers are all included. Naturally, there is interest in late payments and fines for breaking the agreement.

  16. How quickly do the rooms fill up?
    Most boarders move in at the beginning of each semester and summer. People generally begin inquiring about the rooms and asking for tours 1-3 months before their desired move-in date. The 1 to 1 and half month range is usually when the most amount of traffic occurs. Plan accordingly.

  17. Is there on-site management?
    Yes. The manager lives on the premises.

  18. Are visitors allowed? if so, can people sleep over? is there a visiting time?
    Yes, the lodging agreement states that visitors can stay as long as they're not permanent. We consider "permanent" to be more than 3 days or so.

  19. Is there a minimum/maximum contract time?
    Yes, we require at least one semester or one summer of occupancy.

  20. Is there parking available?
    Unfortunately, parking is not available on the premises.

  21. Do you allow pets?
    This is left to the discretion of the lodging manager.

  22. Is room allocation lottery based?
    No, rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis and according to the move-in/out date. If multiple people are interested in the same room, preference will be given to those who expect to be here longer. It is never too early to reserve a room.

  23. I've reserved a room, how does the move-in process work?
    The room is officially yours at 5:00 pm on the first day indicated on your lodging agreement. You may begin moving your things to the building before 5:00 pm, but you may not move your belongings into your room until after 5:00 pm. The room key and door combo will be given to you by the Manager upon your arrival.

  24. There are no rooms left! Are there any other options?
    Here are some links to try: Graduate Student Housing At FSILGs, MIT Off-Campus Housing, Boston Craigslist Housing